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My 18th episode of fast AF in 20 years occurred around 0300hrs Sat 2 April 2016. Entered A&E by Ambulance around 0340hrs.

I enquired at approx 0645 hrs when I would see a doctor. Was told would "need more than ten minutes discussion & handover in progress so would now await new shift". Doctor finally asked same old questions-eventually transferred to AAU mid morning. AAU Doctor said could not electrically cardiovert till pulse rate down. The doctor gave me extra Bisoprolol & IV Magnesium. Marginal effect on resting pulse rate but-as per usual-any mild exertion-Commode use/ Walking/ Cup of hot tea-raised pulse to 140/150 .

Sunday morning AAU Doctor & Consultant explained they have no further expertise to offer-need the "Cardiac Team" who would not be in till Monday.

Transferred to James Ward . Saw Consultant ( who did my coronary artery stent 5 years ago) around mid day Monday. The Consultant gave a swift assessment & prescribed Electrical Cardoversion-within 72 hrs from episode if poss for greatest effectivity. Booked in for shock at

Cath Lab around 6pm Monday ( 63hrs). Later told that an emergency utilised that slot-Pacemaker Technician gone home, so postponed to Tuesday morning. Cardioverted Tuesday morning some hours outside 72 hr window. Reverted to Sinus after three shocks ( usually 1)

Discharged Tuesday afternoon.

Good points of my visit-James Ward, its Sisters, Nurses & other staff. My Consultant.

Bad Points-The usual obstacle course to my usual treatment presented by A&E. The ridiculous absence of cardiac treatment at weekends-entirely negating my swift arrival at Hospital to try & fall within the 72 hour window ( I take warfarin so no delay on blood thinning)

I am scared stiff that I will have another AF episode on 26/27 April.

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