"High Heels go CLIP CLOP in the night "

About: Barnsley Hospital / Gastroenterology

(as the patient),

I had keyhole surgery to repair a massive hernia and twisting in my stomach.

Being able to come home within 48 hours was amazing. Also at the hospital, after having a bath my dressings were changed almost immediately. This impressed me a lot.

During the night the nurses could have been quieter, I don’t think walking about in high heeled shoes is good at night. Sleep during the night was very poor, far too noisy. Rest period is supposed to be 2- 3.30, but you have no chance.

One afternoon the cleaner was meant to be cleaning round the windows and the frames, after wiping the frame, she then went on, with the same cloth to wipe a patient’s table, off which we are meant to eat.

The staff seemed very young and most of them had no patience with the older generation at all.

I also found the actual ward very depressing, morbid. There was a bench outside my room in memory of a colleague, I’m sorry but for me this is not the place, it should be outside in the gardens.

After only hours of coming from theatre, still with oxygen on and drips, I asked to go to the toilet, a nurse brought me a commode and left it at the side of the bed and did not know at that point how I had been cut, and she left me for 45 minutes. When she came back I had not got out of bed.

I was actually surprised because past experiences, during visiting hospital, I have found them to be good. I remember the ward being decorated and looking nice, but 32 is depressing and shabby.

Also being left alone at night whilst still under the influence of anaesthetic was I though disgusting.

Despite my bad experience I would stll like to thank some people. There was on male nurse on duty, who was very thoughtful and the odd nurse, but most didn't care.

But Mr Shawanni were, fantastic!

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