"Lack of communication"

About: Milton Keynes Hospital

I have just left the hospital feeling extremely frustrated and again getting no answers!

I saw a consultant at Milton Keynes gynae department in october 2015 who kindly put me at ease and referred me to another hospital for some further tests. These tests were carried out end of January 2016.I was told that I would hear back within a few weeks

about my results. I waited patiently and once about 6 weeks had passed I rang the secretary to chase up my results.

I was told on 3 occasions that they would call be back. I never received a call. I then decided to ring the other hopsital to see if i could find any information from them. After various emails I was told by them they are not allowed to give me my results it has to come through a consultant at Milton Keynes. They confirmed that they had sent my results to Mk hospital on the 12th February. So for the fourth time I contact the secretary again and I am told by another person that the secretary and consultant are on a 3 week annual leave. Around this time I also receive a letter in the post to say I have a consultant appointment at Mk hospital on 8th April. I rang gynae reception to ask what this is for. The person I spoke to said they did not know what it was for and that they did not have any results from the other hospital on my file! Feeling frustrated by this point I am told the only thing I can do is wait until they have returned. I rang the secretary around a week ago and it was confirmed that my results are on the system and the appointment I had today is with a consultant to discuss my results and to tell me whether I may need an operation. On my arrival today I am greeted by a physiotherapist who informs me that the consultant is no longer in their clinic today. I was told that they prefer to use the physio for these type of appointment because it is cheaper for the Nhs. I was told my results were on the screen but they could not discuss them without the consultant being at the appointment. The physio was very pleasant and apolgetic and offered to examine me. I declined because quite frankly I have already been through various examinations and still have no answers! I did not want the embarrassment of it again for the sake of it! The consultant was in Theatre so was unable to come and see me. I got the impression that it was a prebooked clinic it was not emergency her clinic had just been moved. I explained that I was confused and frustrated because I have been waiting now for months to just simply get my results. I am dissapointed that the hospital have kept me waiting for so long and even though I had an appointment booked with a consultant they decided I didnt need it again!

So again, I am now waiting for someone to call me back and hoping i wont have to wait as long again to get a simple answer.

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