"Destroying lives within the local community"

The worst thing that happened too me in my adult life was agreeing to be referred to this hospital.

there is a horrendous stigma attached and unfortunately this is perpetuated by a large percentage of the staff, who remain indifferent dismissive and seemingly fed up and impatient when dealing with patients some of whom have obvious conditions such as aspergers or brain damage.

I've witnessed one member of staff bully patients on Weaver Ward and some of the staff here talk, gossip in front of patients and outside of work.

Breaching the data protection act and patient confidentiality for more than a decade.

The duty team are indifferent, rude on the phone and prone to make personal comments whilst failing consistently too pass on information effecting patients wellbeing.

This is more than just an issue of low moral or lack of funding.

Staff have been too comfortable and unaccountable for years and my impression is that staff are very comfortable and well treated.

Most of the staff have remained the same, many are related and have gained employment because of being local and being close to managers or relatives.

However management consistently turn vulnerable people away without acknowledgement whilst making things as difficult as possible for both in patients and out patients trying too discharge them without treatment or even realising or recognising genuine crisis.

The Brooker Centre is a scandal waiting to surface and maybe the number one example of mis-management and patient neglect within the NHS.

It is an example of stigma and everything that is wrong with mental health services.

Managers ought to be accountable and deserve to feel ashamed, reception staff are unqualified to be answering the phones too patients in crisis and both duty team, reception and Cpns fail to acknowledge and make notes on patients medical records, a matter which doctors must also be made accountable for.

The only reason I can assume for this is that the policy here is to discharge patients asap without treatment or resolution.

Story from NHS Choices

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