"Throughout my horrible time I stayed there I felt like a leper"

About: Princess Royal University Hospital / Accident and emergency

(as the patient),

Being twelve weeks pregnant, and a 6 year autistic son having chicken pox, I was seriously concerned about the effect it could have on my unborn baby. Especially for the fact that I never had chicken pox.

So I went to the urgent care at PRUH, I booked in and I was straight away told to sit in a secluded area. I then informed them about my son's autism and the fact that he is not good at such environment, if he would be seen on time. This fell on deaf ears. Called on by triage who also after seeing us sent is into a room, I also told the triage staff about my sons inability to wait for long periods due to his condition, but that did not even make any difference. Having arrived at urgent care at 9: 15 am. we were not seen till 11: 55.

Dr then had to refer me to gynae, as I was told that no more bloods are taken at urgent care. Being pregnant, my urine analysis showed that I had proteins, ketones and blood in my urine, but was told my urine will be done again at gynae. So I was taken back to book in at a&e.

At this time I was told to sit in the waiting area and no more quarantined.

Shortly I was seen by a dr in a&e who after taking my details sent me to a&e majors, room 7.

That was around 12: 30. Again I was told by another staff member to make sure my son does not come out of the room.

I found it very offensive, whether the staff are not given enough training about the needs of children with autism or its sheer insensitivity.

After 1: 45 pm the same staff member then came in to take my bloods. She apologized for the delay by saying most of the staff were not able to take my bloods because of the chicken pox, however she had it as a child and even if she catches it again she will be home for 5 days on sick pay.

My son was getting anxious and I needed to top up my parking so I asked if it was ok to go out for a bit, but the same staff member told me to close the door when I leave as rooms are very scarce.

On our return someone came into check my vitals, and noted that I had a temperature, she just told me to drink water, without even checking if I had any water in the first place. A lady came past my room, staring at me, within minutes this lady was on the phone, she came to my room asking me if I had any rash? Then she left. no information as to what that was about?

After half an hour or so the gynae dr came to tell me the bloods results will not be ready till later, so I could go home and I will be called the next day with the results. That I had ten days to have the immunoglobulin injection should my blood result indicate that.

I felt I was being chased away because I was blocking a bed. And throughout my horrible time I stayed there I felt like a leper. I understand the fact that there are other patients who might have a low immune systems, but the staff were so unprofessional and insensitive. I appreciate they are busy but the way they were starting at me when I left the unit showed sort of disgust. Which I feel as professionals should not be prejudicial. None of the staff I came in contact with introduced themselves or even acknowledged my son, in any way.

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