"Visit to Princess Royal - Asthma"

About: Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

Started with cold and difficulty breathing so rang my doctors for appointment.

Spoke to nurse and could not get a doctor's appointment, who told me to take 6 puffs of my Inhaler every 4 hrs. (Not sure of date).

On the 25 December went to ShropDoc because breathing was worse. Was given Steroids.

On 27 December, my breathing was really difficult and I had a bad chesty cough.

I knew I needed help. Took 6 puffs of Inhaler and managed to get my peal flow to 250.

I went to A & E and took number 2 ticket.

I saw the triage nurse who told me, although my peak flow was 250, I did not need treatment because I could talk and was not gasping for breath.

They phoned ShropDoc., who would get back to the nurse in twenty minutes, and told me to wait in the waiting room.

A while later they shouted across to me, waving my report card in their hand, and told me to go to ShropSoc, who would see me in ten minutes.

The doctor saw me immediately, treated me and managed to get my peak flow to 270.

They gave me antibiotics because I have a chest infection.

Last March I was admitted to Princess Royal with acute/severe asthma and was treated admirably.

I was informed that for breathing problems I should go to A & E and not ShropDoc.

Can someone please tell me what I should do in future, because I do not want to be made to feel as if I am wasting time, again.

Whilst I was waiting In A & E for the return call from ShropDoc, there was a young girl in a hospital gown, lying around (drunk).

She had been discharged but was in no fit condition to dress herself.

The Security Guard was doing their best to get her to dress so that they could put her in a taxi.

They were really patient and kind, but she was so far inebriated she was unable to follow the simplest instruction.

They managed to get her to the toilet to get dressed.

She fell asleep.

Eventually, they fetched a nurse to help her.

She was very polite to the Security Guard, saying thank you and sorry and in no way aggressive.

Surely the medical staff were aware that she needed help to get dressed.

If they had been really busy I could understand them leaving her like that.

As ill as I was myself. I tried to comfort her when she began to sob.

Sister just looked at her and went back into her office to wait for the next patient to walk in.

Shame on them.

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