"Maternity Postnatal Ward"

About: St James's University Hospital

I had a very bad experience with Postnatal ward staff. After 30 hours labor and a traumatic delivery with forceps of a 4.880 kg baby I had to spend the night in the Postnatal ward. I couldn't feel my legs because of the epidural that I had it for 2 days. The midwifes taking care of me during the night (2nd-3rd February) were very rude and unkind. Every time that I asked for help they seem disturbed. One of them told me "is your baby do whatever u like, I don't care" when I asked them for what to do after I feed my baby. Because I couldn't move I had to ask them to give me the baby for feeding, but they were so annoyed that they have to help me. At 5 o'clock in the morning they put me to get up to change my baby's nappy, even though I could barely stand. The let me alone while I was changing her and I felt down on the bed. I was crying all night, I was in pain and couldn't feel my leg because of the prolonged epidural but nobody cares. One of them tried to take some blood for tests during the night, they couldn't find a vein. They was angry because my vein were swallow and they said that they will send somebody else doing this. The member of staff left the needle in the bed and left. Nobody ever came back for tacking any blood.

Second day I have asked to be discharged because I didn't wanted to stay alone there during the night after the care that I received. After discussing with the Chief Midwife and a Doctor they moved me in a private room for the next 3 days and the midwifes taking care of me were more polite and caring.

Because my baby developed jaundice, when we have been discharged they told me somebody form neonatal have to call me to take some blood test for my baby. nobody called in the next five days so I have telephone them. Nobody knew nothing, they send me from midwifes to neonatal but nothing. After one week I received a telephone saying sorry that it was a miss communication and they came at home for taking the blood. Second day I received a telephone saying that the blood was clotted and if I can go to LGI for doing the test again and they will let them know that I am going. I went there and nobody knew something and they said they can't do the blood test and I have to go again to Saint James. I called the neonatal and went again to Saint James and they did the test. After 2 days they called me and said the blood is clotted again but the doctor is not worried so is fine not to repeat them.

So i don't even know if my baby is fine or not. Obviously they were worried if they called me and apologise and even coming home for the tests.

Anyway I am upset and disappointed about the night shift of the postnatal ward. they left me with a very bad experience.

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