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(as a parent/guardian),

Our daughter went in for surgery in early December. The procedure was private but we are fortunate as we have excellent insurance. All we needed from them was a little cooperation with the paperwork. We paid, as required, in advance. Up until then they were extremely efficient. But once the procedure was over, and the money banked we received absolutely no help what so ever. They even stoned walled us. I needed a simple document which listed the medical grounds for the procedure, so we could start the process of reclaiming the 11, 000 pounds we paid. The report never came. In the end I wrote one as an example, they cut and pasted it, and returned it to me as the final report. needless to say it was not the right standard. I contacted the dr's secretary only to be chastised because ' Doctor mustn't be contacted at his NHS job'. I had to talk to head office. Eventually I got the report I needed and the process started. Then we needed an itemised bill. That is apparently impossible, as it is a matter of confidentiality. We complained again, and it was agreed that they would write a bill with some details, not just an end sum. We have now waited 4 weeks to receive it. This whole mess has taken 4 months.

I would never trust them again. An organization which has such abysmal patient service has something seriously wrong. What is up here? Dr's moonlighting? Not being up front about what is happening? Or just plain inefficiency. Neither is good.

We are quite disgusted.

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