"Escaped after 11 days"

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I collapsed in my own home with severe pain and an Ambulance was called. My initial negative is that the Ambulance could only take me to NGH and not Rugby where my care plan existed.

Upon arrival at NGH I was aware of the good, and bad, service I received from staff on Benhall Ward and later Cedar Ward.

I have to say that there were a handful of staff, HCA and staff nurses that were superb on Cedar Ward and without their input I would not have improved as I did. My doctor and team were fantastic too, although it took them almost week to identify the source of the infection and even then it was a guess. However there were sadly a handful of staff, usually on the night shift but not all , who were appalling and if they are so dis-heartened with the NHS they should leave because their bedside manner left a lot to be desired. One came to do my observations in the middle of the night and I was laying on my hands, they were so rough pulling my arm free without waking me, I nearly fell out of bed. There were two lovely HCA.''s who I was able to laugh and joke with an had some treaty lovely conversations with and 3 lovely Staff Nurses who looked after me and listened to me, we also had a laugh but they were also professional and made me feel special. There were a few others too who looked after me but these 5 helped me to feel more positive and significantly aided my recovery.

The food was at best boring and dull so I would fill up on the puddings and fresh fruit. The menu existed of the same potatoes and sandwiches every day with just 2 offerings of hot meals besides. By the time it got to Cedar ward the pastry was always rubbery and the jacket potatoes inedible with a dark brown tinge to the potatoes all the way through.

All of the above would not have led me to say I never want to walk in that hospital again. What did that was the cleanliness, or distinct lack of it. A man had an accident and emptied his bladder waiting for the toilet to come free. Staff soaked it up and dried the floor with towels that they put into the laundry. No disenfectant or mopping down with water. Someone on a commode missed the loo and it was all over the toilet floor, again same treatment, towels, no disenfectant or clean water. These were main through fares of many who had gone under the knife and had bare feet. There were a clump of sodden paper towels by the side of the toilet pan for 3 whole days and nights. Where someone had bled out on the floor the red ring was still in the corners and crevices days later. No matter how good the surgeon and his team, no mater how good the Doctors,

the Staff Nurses, the other nurses or HCA's or even the lovely member of staff with breakfast and teas, if the cleanliness isn't a priority people will get even more sick than before. The cleanliness routine I describe with towels, wasn't just once but several times and it was across the whole staff so not just one laxidazical employee but everyone as though ot was policy or procedural.

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Response from Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience of Northampton General Hospital. Please accept our sincere apologies for the issues you have identified with regards to cleanliness on one of our wards. Infection Prevention is taken very seriously within the hospital, as you say, to prevent the continued spread of infection. Due to your concerns raised I am going to send your comments on to the Ward Sister for Cedar Ward and also our Infection Prevention Lead. Again, thank you for taking the time to write to us. Kind regards.