"Outstanding Medical Advice and Patient Care"

Outstanding Medical Advice and Patient Care

1. In May 2014 my wife sought medical advice from a GP who ‘fast-tracked’ my wife to a Cancer Consultant at Kingston Hospital – the consultant’s reputation preceded them. The consultant diagnosed a fairly rare and aggressive cancer.

Result: After intensive cancer treatment, surgery and radiotherapy, my wife is enjoying a good quality of life.

Comments: The GP and Hampton Wick Surgery have been wonderful in a number of ways: the GP was highly qualified, extremely professional and experienced, and acted on their instincts. We are immensely grateful. Hampton Wick Surgery manages risks to patients with a high degree of professionalism: we are impressed with all the doctors at this exceptional surgery and this particular GP was a locum.

2. Earlier this month of February 2016, I was very unwell and suspected a growing chest infection. I also experienced respiratory mild problems. I am a keen sportsman and normally fit though I am no longer young. The Hampton Wick Surgery advised the first available appointment was not for 5 days. This surgery offers a telephone call- back service from a doctor if the mature, experienced and personable receptionists deem it appropriate. The reception staff are under enormous pressure.

I requested such a call and to my wonderful surprise received a call within 2 hours from the senior partner who happened to be on telephone duty that morning. This process enables the doctor over the phone to further quickly investigate the seriousness of the state of health of the patient. Within 20 minutes I was having a consultation and examination. Within 3 minutes of my consultation, I was diagnosed and prescribed strong drugs which have done the trick.

Comments: This professional and humane service is simple incredible. I am British but I spent many years in different parts of Africa. The NHS here is exemplary and Hampton Wick Surgery is the best surgery I have experienced in my 35 years in this country.

3. One of our adult children was prescribed a certain drug for an ailment involving considerable discomfort. After 2 weeks the pain became acute. Again the telephone service was invaluable. A doctor prescribed completely different drugs and things improved significantly i.e. appropriate and prompt action was taken when it was required.


Every patient is different and certain drugs may not be effective. Doctors face many challenges and Hampton Wick Surgery addresses these challenges in such a professional manner. We have so much confidence in our surgery.

Story from NHS Choices

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