"Bedside manner/waiting times/sent home too early"

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(as the patient),

I am admitted to hospital regular due to my disability and illness .. when asked any allergies I reply yes "the royal Gwent hospital"

I live day to day in constant pain.. when you are rushed to hospital with infections that your body cannot fight you don't expect to be treated in a waiting room and have to sleep on a chair.. I was in agony.. this has happened about 5 or more times now so I know the drill..it makes me too scared to go to hospital!

I had no buzzer..no water..I was attatched to the curtain rail by my drip as no drip stands available. I have to take regular strong medication for my existing disability but was not given my evening ..night time or morning meds so I was in hell of a state..a nurse blocked me in with a plank of wood so come morning I wasn't on full view of the day case people arriving for appointments..I couldn't ask for anything as I was down the corridor and couldn't stand...I need to self catheterise regular but couldn't as my crutches were put up on windowsill away from me..I was also attatched to a certain rail by my drip.

When the new staff finally found me thre next day they gave me my medication and sent me for a scan .. my bladder was so full and backed up..I explained to the dr who was fuming..I suffer kidney infections because of this.

I was sent back to the ward waiting room and told I might not get a bed by tonight but they will do their best. By now 6 of us awaiting beds..one man made a bed on floor with a blanket..it was awful. I finally got a bed..was treated over a week and sent home..I was no better than I went in..infact I was worse as all my other pains has increased due to not getting my regular medication on time..I felt like I was spoken to like a child by nurses or they acted sympathetic and then decided to ignore what they promised to help me..I had one nurse called skippy..I could never forget her kindness she showed.. only the two days she was on the ward my stay was fab..she got my pain under control..very caring lady..she even came in on her day off to help a lady who had no visitors..she brought her nighties and other bits..now that is what you call an angel! So if you get to read this skippy I think you deserve a medal!

After her shift my pain levels went up again as I was back to square one.. I also had to complain when my iv meds were put up but not connected to me over several hours..then the next staff would take it down and say well its gone off now like its my fault. another dose of meds missed! I tool a photo of IV meds placed on the windowsill still there next day!

But I can't say all nurses are bad because most of them are fantastic. . you get one or two bad ones and that messes up everything ..all the treatment and your mental state..

a Dr came on day 8 and said my bowel blockage should be ok now and discharged me..even tho this was day 15 of not going to the loo..I argued im no better than when I came in im scared..he said I will see you in outpatients clinic..also told me once my bowel empties my bladder will start working..wow my bladder hasn't worked in 10 yrs due to nerve damage... not read my notes!

Sent home after me and family tried to explain im worse than before..went home after four days collapsed with pain and rushed bk in....on a completely different ward, fantastic dr..and ..fantastic nurses on surgical ward..fantastic care all around..a nurse michelle was fantastic. . watched her work her butt off! But you always get the good n bad.. I had an NG tube down throat to tummy to take away all the bad gas .. was given appropriate treatment for bowel blockage. . was told another day or two I might not be here as it would have errupted and is dangerous! Good job I had a good Dr this time! The Dr on bowel ward didn't help me yet surgical ward were amazing! Dr mcain saved me from what could have been fatal.

I was treated over another week and sent home happy ..

Goes to show the difference in care..

Another great one was being on urology ward and nobody qualified to catheterise me hahaaa I had to wait for next shift as a nurse coming on in four hours could do it!

I now have learnt to give my regular meds to nurses to lock up but always keep spare in my bag because I garuntee I wont always be given my meds.

You learn after ten years of being in and out of hospital!

I have had a few falls recently and been too scared to tell my hubby as I dont want to go back in. Last fall my hubby and daughter was there. . I wasn't making no sense so they phoned an ambulance. . I was so stressed it brought on bals palsy .. a medic came after two hours and said im best to stay at home in my comfort of own bed as 12 ambulance queing for three hours with patients still inside..9 hour wait in A&E

I don't think we will have an NHS in ten years time..ive had to pay private a few times now..it's so unfair!

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