"Chronic Urticaria"

About: Wessex

(as the patient),

In February 2015 I was sitting in bed one Sunday morning and my legs erupted in hives. I'd just been made redundant, had a cold and my cat was seriously ill so I figured I was just run down. After a couple of weeks the hives were still appearing and gradually getting more wide spread, a frustrating appointment with my GP left me feeling certain he had no idea about the condition. Three dermatology appointments later my Urticaria was still getting worse and the dermatologist seemed at a loss, I had also developed what I now know is Urticaria Vasculitis, my skin was swollen, burning hot, sore and so itchy I felt like ripping my skin off, I couldn't sleep from the itching and the only thing that helped was steroids. When the hives subsided they left bruising so bad it looked like I'd been in a car crash. I was referred on again to Immunology and finally spoke to people who understood this condition and how to control it but it took 10 months of living in hell to get to that point. It's now a year later and I still have the condition but have learnt how to control it, I take 9 tablets to keep it at bay and feel exhausted most of the time. I can't sit in the sun, I can't tolerate the cold, I can't exercise, take hot showers/baths, wear socks or lace up shows/trainers. It's effected my confidence, I thought I maybe suffering from depression last year and I've had time off sick from a new job because of it. I don't think I'm being over dramatic by saying it's come close to ruining my life.

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