"Two years since we started on this journey"

About: Royal Stoke University Hospital / Trauma and orthopaedics

(as a friend),

January 2008

Dr Franklin had prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs for some years but due to the increase in pain he sends my friend for an x-ray on her knees at the Central Out Patients Department, Hartshill. On viewing the x-rays he sees that they show that both knees need urgent attention. He therefore writes and asks for a hospital appointment.

June: She attends the Trauma & Fracture Clinic, and is given injections in both knees and referred to the Orthopaedic Department.

August: She is seen by Mr Wade in the Orthopaedic Department, but as she is now experiencing back pain he refers her to Physiotherapy for treatment for a slipped disc.

August, September: She attends for Physiotherapy treatment.

September: She is seen again by Mr Wade and put on a waiting list.

At some point she is transferred to another consultants list in order to expedite matters.

October: She completes her Physiotherapy treatment.

November: Prior to admission scheduled for December, she is summoned to the Orthopaedic Department for a morning pre-operative assessment and meeting with the consultant, but when it is noted that she has medicines which include angina tablets she is referred to the Cardiac Department via her G.P. and the operation is cancelled.

December: She is seen in out-patients by the Cardiology Registrar who refers her for further examination.

December: She has a nuclear scan .


January: She has a Cardiogram.

March: She has an echo cardiogram.

April: She has an angiogram.

May: She is admitted to Hospital for treatment and has stents fitted to unblock her arteries.

In the intervening period she is transferred from Mr Wade’s list to the new consultant to expedite orthopaedic treatment.

July: She is summoned to the Orthopaedic Department for a pre-operative assessment prior to surgery, but the Department refuse to carry the assessment as they say they have not received clearance in writing from the Cardiac Dept.

July: After many telephone conversations and a lot of help from the secretary in the Cardiology Department she is admitted to a ward – not for total knee replacement (T.K.R) but Arthroscopy on the right knee although a T.K.R. had been deemed necessary in 2008.

August: She is seen by the consultant and advised that a total knee replacement is necessary.

November: She is summoned to the Orthopaedic Department for a pre-operative assessment.

December: She has a blood sample taken and swab and urine tested at the pre-operative assessment clinic. She attends hospital for a T.K.R. A further blood sample is taken as the previous one had not been signed for. As she is being prepared for theatre, the consultant notices the warning on her notes and wrist band of her allergy to base metals & nickel and realises that the operation cannot go ahead using a titanium prosthesis.


February: A new date for the operation. Will the porcelain prosthesis have arrived? Will the operation take place? It’s only two years since we started on this journey.

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