"worst hospital i have ever been to"

About: Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital

i attened this hospital on saturday 6th Feb 2016 due to falling down a full flight of stairs. i got seen by the assesment person within 30 mins who then told me that i need a xray but not a head scan even though i hit my head as well and back to the waiting room i went, i waited about 1 hour and 30 mins for a xray then yet again told to go sit and wait then a doctor will call on you. i then had to wait a further 2 hours to see a doctor who did not bother reading my notes to see why i came in so i had to explain everything all over again. they then went out and took 10 mins to check 3 pictures of my hand. they then said that i have a fracture and need to get it put in plaster but the people who does it has went home and to come back in the morning. so go in the next day for my appointment time which was 10.20am, they were running about 30 mins late. and yet again the person who i was seeing didnt read my notes so went through everything all over again and they just turned around and said oh yea you fractured a bone in your hand, am not going to do nothing and going to discharge you but if you have any problems go see your gp instead of coming to hospital.

but durig my endless hours waiting around and around i seen more staff walking about talking to each other than working. also there was one memeber of staff who was a team leader who i went to talk to about the mess the toilets was in. they couldnt care less and told me it wasnt their problem then continued to play on their mobile phone, they were sat in reception for at least 2 and ahalf hours playing on their mobile phone instead of working. what sort of example is that showing people. i also seen them on the sunday. they had no manners, telling one cleaner to give them a bin bag now then saying to another oi you your cleaning the chairs do it now. i can see why the hospital is in a right pig style with workers like that. it must be nice been paid to come into work but sit playing on a mobile phone all the time.

further more i have had to go see my doctor who was disgusted at the way i was treated and told me about this site. also gave me a lot more information about my hand and what to watch out for and they hadnt even treated me or seen any notes. and also was shocked at how i wasnt given a head scan, any support bandage or anything for my hand, or even any pain killers while i was sat waiting.

i would also like to know why they only run the air con every 30 mins but only for about 10seconds, like thats really going to cool the hospital down. all the staff at this hospital needs to be put on training courses cause i dont think they know what they are doing. i still can not get over how dirty the hospital is, i would rather be treated by a blind doctor then to step another foot into that hospital. and i also dont agree with that if your get arrested by the police and took to the hospital that you get seen before all the people who is waiting. that is just totally wrong

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Response from Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital

Dear Sir/ madam ,

Firstly, please let me apologise for the fact that you have waited far longer for a response than we would have liked.

When I first received a copy of your review I was very concerned indeed and immediately got in touch to request more information - I am really not sure why this reply hasn't been shared on the NHS choices website ? We have reported the difficulties we have been having lately and I hope that these are rectified now.

I am really sorry that your experience of care at The Northumbria was so poor. All your comments are very disappointing to read and a few are very concerning so we want to act immediately to find out more about exactly what went wrong for you ?

Improving care depends on our ability to listen effectively to all feedback we receive, we are very grateful to all patients and families who take the time to share their experiences with us. When the standard of care falls so far short of the standards we expect to find in all of our hospitals then I'm sure you will understand why there is an added urgency to act quickly to rectify matters.

The hospital has been exceptionally busy recently with an unprecedented number of people attending for care - I am aware of how busy our staff have been and so it's pretty shocking to learn that you observed a member of staff doing nothing but playing on their phone for hours ? I am very keen that we look into this further.

I am very sorry that you witnessed our staff being disrespectful - that is extremely sad to hear but again whilst your response remains anonymous we can't establish who was on duty nor can we look into the lapse in cleanliness that you report.

I'd be very grateful if you would get in touch with me directly Annie.laverty@nhct.nhs.uk to share your details with me and enable me to respond in the way I would like . In the meantime thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.

With best wishes,


Annie Laverty - Director of Patient Experience