"A dangerous, unhelpful and shocking service."

About: Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

The ALPS team are quite possibly the most disgusting healthcare providers I have ever had the misfortune to come across.

After attending A&E through the advice given to my partner who called 111 about my deteriorating mental health, I was seen by two 'workers' (I use the term loosely) for reasons I'm still not entirely sure of. My CPN was unavailable to contact, as usual, I had no support plan or anyone to speak to. I suffer with a mental health disorder and PTSD after traumatic near-death experience through violent crime.

ALPS twisted my words, belittled me, questioned me over and over and then made the diagnosis of nothing wrong, go home, there's no cure (they actually said that) If I wasn't suicidal before then I was afterwards, they also said 'this isn't helping you'. I struggled speaking and sometimes my speech becomes slurred and delayed... This seemed to anger and frustrate them, I apologised profusely and was offered zero empathy. I kept being asked 'how do you think we can help you?' I don't know ALPS, I really don't, that's surely up to you. I wouldn't go to a Doctor with cancer and expect them to say 'how do you think we can help you?'

The mental health stigma reigns on thoroughly even within the system that is supposed to be fighting this.

I became so distressed with their interrogations that I asked for a break, upon returning my partner ensured he was with me in the room because I was visibly deteriorating. My partner, who is supportive and strong, could not believe how callous and rude they were. He said several times that he was worried about me attempting suicide and he wouldn't be able to keep me safe, to which they responded 'she's functioned before so tomorrow she'll probably be fine' no one told me ALPS had psychic abilities. My partner posed the question 'and what if she's worse?' with a response of 'and what if she's not? we're thinking the opposite' I'm disgusted and hurt. So hurt by people working in a mental health care position and not giving a toss about people. Their demeanour was arrogant, angry and I ended up running out of the assessment and going home. After I'd left they told my partner not to be so 'emotionally involved' with me. Words fail me on that one.

If you value your life, are in desperate need of support and urgently need help in a crisis then please do not rely on the ALPS team. They will only exacerbate your current state. They will give an impression that they want you to end your life as you're one less person to deal with.

They should be ashamed of themselves and when I am on the right path I will be pursing a complaint and making the press aware of the dangerous, horrifying and harmful mental health service in Leeds.

Story from NHS Choices

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Response from Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

I am so sorry this was your experience of contact with the ALPS service as this is not what we want for people who use our service.

Nevertheless, I am grateful for you bringing it to our attention.

I wonder if you could contact me so that we can speak directly about your concerns and I can investigate what has gone wrong and speak with the people involved in your care. Without this information it is difficult to give you a more detailed response.

Once again I am sorry your initial contact with the ALPS service was not as helpful as I would have liked. I can be contacted via our PALS Team on 0800 052 5790 or via email pals.lypft@nhs.net

Please accept my assurance that we take feedback regarding the service very seriously, it provides our organisation an opportunity for us to continually improve the care and services we provide.

With kind regards

Janet Johnson

Matron – Liaison Psychiatry