"Quite possibly the worst a&e I have ever visited"

About: County Hospital (Stafford)

The care from the ambulance crew was second to none they were fantastic however this is sadly where my positive experience ended.

They advised as the hospital was only round the corner that I would be better off waiting until I could get to the hospital so they could give me stronger painkillers which I was absolutely fine with.

Upon arriving at the hospital I was put into a wheel chair and left in a corridor waiting to be booked in. I was left there for over an hour and a half and wasn't even acknowledged by anybody at all.

The staff then changed shifts and finally someone decided to remember that I was there! And moved me in to a side room on to a bed to do an ecg.

However once they finally moved the room around and got me on to the bed they decided that they had a spare bay for me and proceeded to move me again round to the ward without the ecg being done.

Once on the ward after 15 minutes I was then given an ecg and finally painkillers were mentioned 2 hours after I had arrived!

The ecg was done and I was given ibruprofen and paracetamol this was after the nurse had a go at me for not taking any painkillers and telling me I made it worse by not taking painkillers!

The nurses was stood by their computer outside the bay and shouting in to me asking me medical questions so they could fill their forms in non patient confidentiality at all.

I then saw a doctor who decided they were going to take bloods and did so now I'm quite used to having canulas put in but I have never felt pain like I did when they were putting one in my hand! They were certainly not gentle about it!

They then sent me for a chest X-ray the porters and the X-ray staff were fantastic!

Then on returning I saw the doctor again who decided more bloods were needed and proceeded to take them from my other hand.

About 10pm I was given morphine (which is not something that I take regularly so my body is not used to it) and an anti sickness tablet. 15 minutes later the doctor comes back and tells me I can go home that they can't see anything wrong and thinks it may be muscular pain.

They take the canula out and then tells me to get dressed and pulls the curtain across (this was the only time I got any privacy and the only time that curtain was closed! Within less than a minute (I was still struggling to get off the bed as they had not put the sides down for me to get off the bed) the nurse walks in and asks me if I'm ready to leave! So I told them that I needed to get dressed and they said nothing and walked out again luckily closing the curtain behind them! I managed to get dressed and then as I was leaving nobody asked how I was getting home or even if I was okay. I went outside to call a taxi feeling sick and dizzy from the morphine, with nowhere to sit as the doors were now locked because it was past 10pm I then collapsed inside my front door when I got home. I should never have been allowed to leave the hospital like that.

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Response from University Hospitals of North Midlands

Dear 'Anonymous'

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback about your experience of University Hospitals of North Midlands.

If you would like to contact our PALS Team (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) so that they can investigate the issues that you have raised further. The PALS Team can be contacted on 01782 676450 or 01782 676455 or by emailing patient.advice@uhns.nhs.uk.

Thank you and best wishes