"Assessment For Bipolar Was Treated With The Suggestion Of Leaflets."

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My fiance has been struggling with what the doctors and Mind have stated is Bipolar Disorder. It has been getting worse for the past 6 months, which resulted in a completely psychological break down, poor decision making, arguments, upset and the loss of several jobs for him. He approached the doctors about everything that was going on and was referred to Mind, who assessed him and stated that he most certainly showed the signs of suffering from Bipolar Disorder. He was sent back to the doctors, who made a written referral to the team at 6 Gold Tops (in December) We received a letter from the NHS team in January for an appointment and thought that this would be the start of a difficult, but positive journey for him as at least he would be getting some help.

How wrong could we be.

My fiance went to his appointment as scheduled, was in the building for around 1 hour and 15 minutes, was "assessed" by 2 professional members of staff and very uncomfortably agreed to the attendance of a trainee, as he felt rude to say no. The outcome was that the staff who assessed him told him that he DOES show signs of suffering from Bipolar Disorder and then proceeded to tell him that they best they can do is to offer him some leaflets about attending a group exercise........ A leaflet to treat a mental health disorder?

My fiance did not take the leaflets and instead came home in floods of tears, having walked home in the rain second guessing himself as he walked, and locked himself away in the upstairs room for hours and refuses to talk about it because he feels useless and like there is nothing anyone can do to help him.

I am furious at the "service" provided, mental health illnesses are on the increase and it is no wonder considering the lack of support shown by the NHS team at 6 Gold Tops. If anyone would like to contact me or my fiance in regards to this, we will be more than happy to talk. I will also be making a complaint to the general manager of St Cadoc's Hospital, S Martin as we have been left with no support, no help and no guidance.

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