"Rude incompetent unreliable staff..."

With the exception of a few decent psychiatrists/therapists/CPN's the whole place is an absolute shambles I'm afraid to say. The disorganised management seem to specialise in pointing the finger of blame elsewhere instead of taking accountability for their/ incompetent staff members actions.

The frightening thing is these are supposed to be so called qualified (What a joke!) professionals dealing with vulnerable people on a day to day basis. It would seem they don't like to be challenged/confronted either probably because they're used to dealing with highly medicated people so they obviously think they can play 'God' with their condescending self important behaviour.

In a crisis? Forget it, if you're under their care & you're experiencing an extreme urgency in advice/assistance you're instantly dismissed.

A serious shake up & review of staff is required by those high up as it's pretty evident staff are not being frequently reviewed/monitored. Cutting corners is not effective in dealing with those who have mental health issues & I can honestly see why the state of the mental health system in this country is in complete disarray when you have staff like this! Frustrations & heavy workloads are understandable, however, if you know you can't handle the pressure/duties/responsibilities of the job itself then leave & give someone else the role in efficiently & consistently helping others! The stress of having a mental illness is bad enough without the additional stress of dealing with unprofessionalism!

If you're expecting any home treatment via this centre please trust me on this, absolutely forget entertaining the idea, they're an absolute waste of space, even my psychiatrist who only has a degree of jurisdiction concluded the same & has urged me to go elsewhere for the care & treatment I desperately need. The only saving grace is having had access to my psychiatrist/nurse via this place as a means of a meeting place. Seriously, do yourself a favour if you are referred here, request to be seen at Stepping Hill who have done more for my wellbeing than these people! I am currently awaiting to hear back via my official complaint!

Story from NHS Choices

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