"Helping Patients to eat and drink."

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This is of general concern and does not relate to immediate personal experiance on my part.

On 6th January 2010, the subject of helping patient's eating and drinking was raised in the House of Lords. A member of the public had complained that, According to Lady Knight, she had been advised that the relative of a patient had been told, with two consultants present, that it was forbidden to help patients to eat and drink. Baroness Thornton, (Health Spokesman), did make the point, (to Lord Lawson's surprise), that some training was required. (Obviously there is need for supervision in cases of restricted swallowing, for example, stroke patients, but a senior nurse in the ward should be able to advise).

I have heard talk of this before and also about similar problems with the subject of drug administration.

Could this matter be clared up and proper guidlines issued.

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