"I am referring to outpatient treatment in my..."

What I liked

I am referring to outpatient treatment in my review.

I liked the idea of the treatment and how it might help me - I had waited for nearly a year to receive it once I was referred.

I liked the idea of an introduction group to prepare for the main treatment programme.

What could be improved

I cannot really see a clear connection with the introduction group and the main programme. The first was challenging but gave hope for some form of help, the latter has only been disruptive and destructive.

Expectations set were not kept. Agreements made were not maintained. Had I known the restrictions that would be placed upon me whilst in the treatment I may have made a different decision on how or when to enter into it. Even more frustratingly was one of the reasons for the near 10 month delay in the treatment was for me to be prepared for it! At least had it been clear at the beginning the treatment can and would be changed unilaterally without prior discussion or agreement then I would be less able to 'feel' that I had been misled, ill-advised, miss-treated and sadly in a worse position than when I commenced treatment.

Anything else?

I believe the programme can and could be helpful - otherwise I would not have tolerated it for so long. I am extremely annoyed and disappointed that due to the stance taken by the treatment team I have lost out of this possible opportunity for help.

I hope that others are able to have the chance of the help and to not wait as long as I did to get it but that when they do it is made absolutely clear to them the requirements of the programme - negotiation appears not to be an option, and all possible outcomes.

I can only advise others to be crystal clear of what they are getting into - I felt I had and even had it written down - but it was still changed without notice let alone prior agreement or communication.

At the end of the day it is the NHS and as they say - 'take it or leave it' - just be sure that if you unfortunately get into a situation where the treatment has worsened your situation you have alternate plans that do not rely on the NHS.

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