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I was refered by my GP to the pain clinic and waited 12 weeks for the appointment. I met with the specialist doctor (whose name I can't remember) however, she spend time with me to get to the bottom of my pain. Eventually a decision was made to have injections. The day visit and procedure for the injections was fantastic. Nevertheless, it was from gear that it went down hill. I was advised I would receive a follow up within 3 weeks to check the injections had the desired affect, to no avail. Over 3 months later and still in extreme pain I tried to contact the pain clinic. I could not find a phone number online nor could the receptionist at my GP practice get in touch. When this finally did happen I was told I would receive the appointment in the post. 4 weeks later a letter arrived and to by utter disbelief it was with a different specialist whom I had not had my initial appointment with. The very next day, in the post , I received another letter with a different appointment date, again with a different specialist arranged for a further 3 weeks later. I rang the booking service rather frustrated and eventually, with some insistence, got through to the receptionist. I explained that I was extremely frustrated with the change of specialist and was shocked to find I had been placed with the nurse for my appointment. I asked to be seen by my original specialist and I was told this wasn't possible. I arrived , which took some effort co spidering the pain I feel everyday, and ecplined my 2 year history again! to be told by the nurse ' you should really be seen by the specialist' My point exactly!

She told me an urgent appointments was being made. I have now been waiting3 weeks again! I will then no doubt be seen by another and different specialist and have to explain from the beginning , take time if my already reduced working hours due to the pain to then have to wait again for treatment. All I ask if for someone to listen, to care and to help. I'm 31, married and suffering in pain everyday!

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