About: Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

What I liked


What could be improved

Security - when i was there in November 2009 I had money stolen whilst i was on the ward with my daughter and when visiting in February I noticed that the CCTV did not appear to be working still.

The place was filthy - outpatients waiting area in February, my daughter was having a tantum on the floor when she got up she was covered in dirt.

No food was supplied for my daughter when she was an in patient - i had to get money to pay to take her to the overpriced restaurant.

When she was taken in, we were prepped for surgery and waited until 2am nil by mouth in a small dirty waiting area whilst my daughter had open wounds to her face.

The decision was made at 12am not to operate, why were we not informed of this decision?

Our outpatients appointment was over 40 minutes late for a 2 minute appointment - because of this delay i then had to pay extra for car parking.

Our previous outpatients appointment was 2 and a half hours late meaning that my husband had to leave a very important meeting to go and pick up my other child.

Every time i go to your hospital it costs me money!

Anything else?

You really missed a trick with this hospital.

What a missed opportunity to create a children's hospital from scratch.

My pet hate about previous childrens hospitals is that they are essentially hospitals that look after children.

This could have been an opportunity to create a building that 'took care' of children.

Having a sick child is such a trauma for parents and unfortunately we are admitted with our children too - giving us a small broom cupboard with a portable tv set and overfilled with uncomfortable chairs is not really a good idea.

Also there were no toilet facilities or showering facilities for parents close to the bays - the one time i left the bay i was robbed - not good.

Did you actually talk to parents when designing this hospital? or just admin staff (their offices look lovely by the way) and architects.

I loathe it when my children are referred here

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