"Lack of communication and attention at the Hallamshire"

About: Royal Hallamshire Hospital / Gastroenterology

(as the patient),

I had Gastric treatment on J1 and P2 at the Hallamshire. I really appreciated that one young auxiliary nurse took the time to talk to me and listen to me about how I felt. My treatment would have been improved if the had been more staff, more communication between staff and patients and better organisation. I was put in a side room and left and nobody explained properly why. I felt like it was my fault and it took doctors two days to come and explain.

People are left to fend for themselves especially at meal times.

Old people are just left to feed themselves and other patients are helping them to eat their meals or even get a drink.

I had to have my stools tested every time I went to the toilet. I would inform nurses. There was a bed pan in toilets. Sometimes the bed pan would still be there 2-3 hours later. I went into hospital on the Tuesday and it took them 'til the Friday or Saturday to find the bug. So it must not have been getting tested, just thrown away.

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