"The midwives, nurses and care staff are amazing and work so hard"

About: Peterborough Maternity Unit

(as the patient),

I had my baby boy just before Christmas and cannot praise the staff at PMU enough.

I was a bit disappointed at first as I was 2 weeks overdue and the unit was too busy to fit me in to be induced and I had to wait what felt like forever, but the midwives worked really hard to get me in.

When being induced, there was a lot of waiting around and you just have to be prepared that if they are busy and cannot handle anymore births then you have to wait. It is explained at all times what is happening though and if you need anything the midwives come straight away if you buzz them.

I was pushed along by a very skilled midwife who managed to break my waters (thank god as I had already waited 24 hours to go into labour) but I still didnt go into labour. The midwifes quickly got me onto the next stage and I was convinced to have an epidural because everything was explianed fully and I was made to feel like I was making my own choice and that I was doing right for me. Thank god I did have an epidural! I reacted badly to it though and had to be given adrenalin to keep me loosing conciesness. My midwife Amanda never left me the whole time and the anestnetist was very skilled and knew what to give me. I laboured for almost 24 hours but my baby just didnt want to come! Amanda was on a 12 hour shift and 23 weeks pregnant herself and only had a 15 minute break the whole time.

Eventually I had a c-section, which was quick and everything was explianed completely throughout. That evening I lost a lot of blood and needed to have a transfusion and of 4 units of blood. The consultant who was on call came in to check on me and the midwives looked after me as I was on my own as my partner couldnt come in at night. They knew exactly what to say and were running around for all of us on the ward without a break again. They were always there to help me with breast feeding but did not pressure people who didn't want to do it.

I cannot thank all the staff enough and would say to people not to worry or listen to any of the bad stories they hear.

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