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As a regular inpatient for over 17 yrs its safe to say ive been on several wards both good and bad! Braunton ward is in my opinion a ward like no other. The level of care from every member of the team is exceptional the experience of the nursing staff for my vascular condition is second to none. The staff have become like a second family to me and my husband over the years.

Imagine my shock ,disappointment and complete heartache to discover that Braunton ward is to no longer be a vascular ward! I will no longer have experienced nurses that know me that know my disease (which is quite rare) and how to treat it one such nurse has treated me for over 15years! To say i am concerned is an understatement i am heartbroken at this 'choice' by senior management. It is my understanding that the vascular department as a whole faught this decision and put their concerns of patient care forward but were over ruled . I wrote an email to the chief executive many months ago outlining my concerns but received a generic reply about contacting PALS and that all departments are committed to patient care ,which from experience i know not to be the case! I will now be treated and cared for by a nursing staff that have little or no experience eith my disease yes the consultants will be the same but as any impatient will tell you its the nurses that make your experience of hospital a good or a bad one. I am not saying the 'new' ones wont care but i am saying they will have very little experience in my disease if any at all. Am i concerned? Hell yes!

Why break up a team that so obviously works is completely beyond me and in my opinion is a huge mistake and is potentially dangerous to patients! I will have my solicitor on speed dial for my next inpatient stay! Overkill? Maybe, but such is my concern over this decision!

Management , you have made a massive mistake this is not going to make the stay,treatment and care of the patients better, only worse!

Had i received a proper response to my email i would not have found it necessary to write this review!

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