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About: Airedale General Hospital

It has taken me almost 12 months to write this review this being that I have been in a complaint procedure with the chief executive for this amount of time.

My 81 year old mother following a succession of falls was admitted on two occasions

One in November 2014 and another December 2014. Both of theses stays lasted approx a week. Amongst my concerns were, 1) mum was not offered a bath or shower for 6 days on her first visit even though she had multiple bowel accidents each day. The hospitals answer to this was basically mum should have asked.

2) Her medication that should have been locked in a controlled drug cupboard was not, the hospitals answer the nurses had now been made aware of this.

3) The doctor was very rude and called me a name that was not very nice just because I was pushing for the care I felt my mother should be receiving, the hospitals excuse was " the doctor was a Locum! 4) mum was placed in a side ward because they thought she had a contagious condition. Yet when the nurse went in the room the nurse never washed their hands or used gloves and gown which is protocol. The hospitals answer our staff receive training every year but we will make sure they are aware, bit late once it's happened.

5) a very frail and vulnerable lady had her arm stuck in her dressing gown and was almost falling out of bed struggling with it. She kept ringing her bell but no one came in the end my mother on her frame went to help her, the hospitals answer some people ring their bells and they don't need anything! Well I'm sorry but even if this is the case it will be one of those ignore occasions when someone is in desperate need.

6) mum had a CT head scan because I pushed for it worrying she had had a small stroke and that was the reason for her falls. The following day I asked the dr the results and was told they were totally clear only to receive a letter saying mum had results of several small strokes showing, the hospitals answer the dr who told me they were clear was now retired and they do not tend to tell the patient or family if they feel they did not contribute to the problem. Surely the patient has a right to know.

7) mums urine samples left in the toilets for hours on end another patient in the same bay as mum was writing time and am / pm on hers as they were sat there that long. Surely this is a health issue. Hospitals answer they basically said this does not happen. The nurses check all the time. I must have dreamt it !!!!!

I could go on but it has been one farse after another and each concern I have brought up has been skirted around and no significant answer given. We have been left feeling very let down and feel my mum and her dignity never mattered. Moral to this is there is no point at all voicing your concerns because the chief executive does not give a damn.

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