"Never examined"

About: Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

I was admitted to A&E after collapsing with a severe back injury that left me on the floor of my house in agony for 7 hours unable to move, my front door locked with the keys still in the door.

I couldn't even move an inch so in the end the Police had to break in so the ambulance could tend to me. I luckily had my phone in my pocket at the time and was able to phone NHS direct for advice who made the decision to call the emergency services on my behalf, I didn't make the decision though, I had no options so it probably was the right thing to do.

I got to A&E sitting in a wheelchair for about two hours until they came to tend to me but I understand they were prioritizing and for the first 30 minutes the pain had reduced compared to what it was, I was immediately checked for BP and temp (twice) I spoke to a member of staff after about 1 hour and a half to 2 hrs who asked me what happened so I explained it was the 4th time in the last 6 months I had damaged my back but this was by far the worst injury. I have no idea if they were a doctor or a nurse and don't remember them saying.

They later gave me a cup of tea and a sandwich which I was grateful for because I'd been stuck on the floor from 10am to 5pm screaming.

The result was I was given a handful of painkillers and a prescription for diazepam which I couldn't get as their pharmacy was shut, then they sent me home in a taxi even though I live on my own without any friends or family anywhere near. I couldn't stand or walk or move without being in excruciating pain and collapsing to the floor in muscle spasms.

The date in the cubicle was the 4th when it was the 5th and it stated which nurse was attending to me, and above all absolutely nobody examined me or gave me a diagnosis. For all they knew I could have been sent home with a broken back and a prescription that I had no way of getting.

I was actually oblivious at the time because of the drugs, lack of food and water and exhaustion from the 7 hours of the worst pain in my life (and I've died in a motorbike accident and have been resuscitated 3 times with a ruptured spleen and that was nothing in comparison to this pain, I'm being totally honest) I filled out a comment card at the A&E saying I was well looked after (mostly because I think the NHS is a great institution) but after speaking to my family to tell them the story (they are in the medical profession) they were absolutely horrified that I wasn't checked in any way or x-rayed or possibly even seen by a doctor at all and most of all never diagnosed.

My Dad went crazy with me and couldn't believe what I told him and it all later made a lot of sense but being so 'out of it' at the time I had no idea until it was over and I could reflect on it all.

So why didn't anyone examine me? why was I wheeled out to fend for myself with zero mobility or diagnosis or medication or assistance. I would love to get some clarity as I could have broken my back for all they knew.

Story from NHS Choices

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