About: Bmi - Shirley Oaks Hospital

Please move back to booking direct with the Hospital, previous experience with the central booking office ended up with a load of physio appintments needing to be re-booked as not paid any attention to what physio required.


sadly your receptionists who sit it Out Patients show very little respect or manners when dealing with patients at the desk.

I came out from a Consultation with a lovely Consultant who had just broken potentially life changing news and a request for further urgent investigations to be done,

I was told blankly no chance before Christmas! we are currently 14 days away from Christmas!

I experienced lack of compassion, empathy or understanding

How dare she say not urgent and over rule a Consultant!

Sadly I witness this every time I had sad in the waiting room not an ideal place for a booking desk as it neither ideal nor confidential!

Story from NHS Choices

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