"management should hang their heads in shame"

About: Northwick Park Hospital

I was admitted with chest pain and eventually after 3 hrs in the corridor admitted to A&E

It was then the horror story begins, no sorry it started with the 3hr wait.

I was eventually transferred to Gaskell ward for further investigations, what a dark dingy hole, people wondering around, looking as if they where looking for something to do

Many people tried in vain to insert a canular, my hands and arms are like a bruised oin cushion, the horror continued, I have had weight loss surgery and can only eat certain foods.

Breakfast was cereals, dont have the porridge, looked like slop, and a slice of fresh bread with marmalade, I am not supposed to eat bread but thats all they had I was told.

Lunch was worse, water based soup that was like liquid vomit and a sandwich again bread only that you could see straight through, where the filing was was any ones guess.

Dinner was fairly ok, soup again watered down and a microwave meal, like something that came from Aldi or Lidl.

I cant fault the proper nurses they did there best in a horrible environment, the other trying to insert canulars etc need guidance and quickly!

I was transferred to the royal brompton after the true cause was found, what a different story, it was if i'd moved into the ritz, see my other posts re this marvelous hospital..

From there I was discharged home, only to become unwell and be re-admitted to good old NPH, luckily enough to the cardio vascular team, level nine, cant fault this team or nurses at all they where fantastic, they where so helpful and friendly when I needed re-assurance etc, alas the foo was inedible yet again, I challenged the CEO etc of NPH to spend a week as an inpatient eating foo that wasn't fit for animal consumption.

I was discharged home again and I am pleased to say thanks to the combined efforts of cardio at NPH and the Royal Bromton I am on the mend.

When leaving and waiting for my lift home from NPH there was 2 x men and 1 x lady outside the main entrance making so much noise swearing and smoking drugs, where where security?

NPH managers, you really do need to sort out the food its inedible and also sort out wards such as gaskel, the next time I'm ill I'm driving out of Harrow so I can go to another hospital except NPH unless its the cardio unit.

Sorry if this is negative, but it is deserved, some (cardio) team need praise, every thing else about this hospital give a wide bearth.

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