"Admitted for skin infection post op"

About: St James's University Hospital

I had a my tube tied (key hole surgery) at whalfdale hospital on Friday 4th Dec no 1 told told me that I could get a skin infection. On Saturday I started to feel unwell I noticed that I had a red,sore,inflamed hard mark between both op wounds I called nhs direct who phoned an ambulance I was taken to st James a&e I was seen by a nurse who did my obs and took my bloods n then told me there was sending me to ward 24 I got there I saw another nurse who did swabs n obs n then said the doctor would be with me shortly the doctor came had a look at me I was then taken to a bed on the ward n the next day the doctor came n saw me told me I had a skin infection called cellulitis n they were sending me for an ultrasound that came back clear I waited over 5 hours t see another doctor again between me waiting for the doctor n actually see the doctor my cannular started t leak they had stop my iv antibiotics n a career took it out they put cotton wool n bit tape over it I went loo n wen I came the cotton wool was soaked with blood I told them n showed what had happened they squeezed the cotton wool n the blood wen all over the floor they managed to stop it bleeding when the doctor evenally came n put a another cannular in and said they were going to put it in my left wrist I told them this was not a good idea as in the past wen nurses n doctors have tried there they couldn't get a vein they carried on n ignored what I was saying as soon as the needle went in I got a strong tingling burning sensation in my hand I started to cry as it was so painful n I told them to take it outb it was hurting me after moaning bout it they evenally took it out n put in the crease of the same arm the nursing staff on Sunday 6th Dec were very rude and unsympathetic 1st of all 1 nurse told my partner n children that they had to leave for no reason what so ever n my mum rang the ward and the nurse she spoke told her I was fine my mum ask what was wrong with me they told her that they could not tell her any information n they would tell me that she called n they didn't tell me I rang my mum n she told me that she had phoned the ward n told me what the nurse said to her when the nurse came to give me my pain relief I said that iv just spoken to my mum they then interrupted me and said oh yes she phone to see how you was I said I know she told me and also told me that you wouldn't tell her any medical information they said yes we are not allowed to I told them that my mum was my next of kin n that she should be informed the nurse just kept saiying we not allow to tell her which I thought was not right I was discharge today I still have the tingling sensation in my wrist hand n arm my wrist n apart of my hand is also numb my overall experience of ward 24 was unsatisfactory there was a few members of staff that were very nice but on the hole I was unhappy at the way I was treated especially with the nurses that spoke to my mum n ask my family to leave n the doctor that put me my cannular 's

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