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(as the patient),


My 13 year old son and I had our medicals recently. I was worried after reading various things on the web but needs must so off we went.

The surgery was easy to find from Bond Street tube and the receptionists were very matter of fact and thorough. They took our documentation, I filled in a form(and made a mess of it, but they were fine with that as well apparently lots of people get it wrong! ) then we went to the waiting room. Ok, so we had about a 10 minute wait which felt like forever because I was nervous but then a lovely nurse took both of us down to a room to check our vaccination records. We both got our flu shot and I had to have an mmr because I am too old to have had it as a baby. That was fine. Normal nurse, normal shot.

My son then went back to sit with his dad in the waiting room as I had to have a chest X-ray. ( they don't X-ray kids). The radiologist was funny and easy to talk to. I went behind a curtain and removed my shirt and bra and necklace. I had a lovely long blue robe with a belt to put on. I was also given a clip to put my hair up. You stand in front of the plate on a wall with your arms more or less in the same position as the X-ray machines in security at Heathrow! 2 seconds and it's done. So that was fine. I then went to a ladies waiting room in my robe and jeans to see the doctor.

I waited maybe 5 minutes and the lady doctor came. She was lovely. Very matter of fact, very chatty, put me straight at ease. We went to her room and she ran through the the form I had filled in. She took my height and weight and I had to sit on the bed to have my temperature taken, my eyes and throat checked. She took a blood sample, no pain really gentle! I then had to lay down.

Ok so here is were I feel so stupid for being worried. She took my blood pressure, listened to my heart, ( you have to lower your robe for this but only because she listens from the back- she isn't the least bit interested in your boobs! ) She checks your hips movement and prods your tummy a bit. The part I was dreading came next- from the rubbish I had read I was expecting full on internal exam what happened was an apology for having to check but the embassy requires it and then a quick 2 second look at the outside of my bits and pieces. Done. No one like it, no one wants it to happen but honest ladies, know where near as bad as I thought and I hate stuff like that!

Ok enough about me my son came next, I stayed because of his age but he had to have everything the same as me except no blood test. When it came to his bits and pieces check I held my breath - he is 13 I expected trouble but the dr was fab. She told him what she had to do, didn't embarrass him by saying testicles, made him laugh because she said balls! She told him she was checking for testicular cancer and that it was very important he check himself every month. She said he was to use her exam as a demonstration of how to do it. He listened, agreed and 2 seconds later he was done. No embarrassment just thank you for showing me how to check.

We went back to the waiting room. Paid our bill. Left.

All done. The worst part was probably the bill but hey ho my husbands work has to pay for that! ! I hope this puts your mind at rest. Good luck with your move - I bet the packing is far worse than the medical! 😄

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