"Listen to patients please, we are not all idiots!"

About: Worcestershire Royal Hospital

This is a mixed review, there are good points and bad.

Starting with the positives, there are some very polite, friendly, kind and caring people at work at WRH. In the main, these are the ambulance staff, nursing staff junior doctors and, big big love for the porters.

It is funny how the less well paid, the harder worked the staff member is the nicer they are?

I am a disabled person with a number of chronic and acute health problems, one of which is a gallbladder stuffed full with stones (not a exaggeration, I have seen the scans).

I do not respond entirely normally or well to a number of pain meds and there are a few I cannot take at all due to my other conditions.

On occasion and sadly far more frequently than I would like, I have had to attend a&e as I have failed to control my pain and this is endangering my health.

On a number of occasions recently, I have been treated like an idiot, information about my health ignored, and even outright lied to by Dr's.

Please please listen to your patients, if someone says that they can't take a particular medication because it causes a bad reaction, it's possible that could actually be true!

If you ignore them, give them the med they tell you causes violent vomiting, please also give them the anti emetic they know works, and if you are a little busy, how hard us it to pass the a sick bowl whilst they wait?

Twice I informed staff that I could not take codeine and that I react unusually to certain drugs. Four times i asked for anti emetics, I ended up throwing up in the loos.

This is not an episode of House. Not every patient is lying to you.

We may not have a medical degree, we may not be the mini gods and goddesses of surgery you are, but your patients are not all morons, stop treating us like idiots!

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Response from Worcestershire Royal Hospital

Thank you for taking the time to feedback to us. It’s lovely to hear all your positive comments on the staff working at Worcester Royal.

However I am so sorry to hear what you have experienced; no patient should be made to feel this way. I would like to reassure you that we take seriously any issues our patients and families raise with us and we value your feedback.

I would like to look into this in more detail on your behalf. Can I please ask you to contact our Patient Services Department on 0300 123 1732 or email patientservices.dept@worcsacute.nhs.uk

Thank you again for leaving your comments.

Kind Regards

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