"Nurses do their very best "

(as a staff member),

I would just like to say on behalf of the majority of good nurses, that nurses do their very best, at what is a very difficult for them.

I work as a nurse and regularly suffer verbal abuse, filthy looks and threats from relatives and visitors who I believe have had a confused picture of us from the media saying how nurses are terrible and need to be better trained.

I regularly go home at the end of a 12 hour shift in tears because of the pressure we are put under by demanding relatives. In my opinion nurses and doctors are spending more time dealing with them than providing hands on patient care.

I always report abuse and stress but I feel it is ignored by the trust management. I think this is because they are frightened of litigation and seem to think it's ok for their nursing staff to be miserable.

I want people to know that most nurses do care about cleanliness and nutrition. I believe the issue is, the more you get accused of not caring, the more you just think "whats the point?".

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