"My stay on Branston ward."

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I have been admitted many times to Branston ward over night stays. I am pregnant with my first child on my first stay I was extremely anxious tired emotional and confused as to what was happening to me I was suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum. I now know the process well but my stay wasn't comfortable and I wasn't made to feel welcome I was made to feel like it's just morning sickness and basically I'll get over it. After many nights researching hg it's not your normal morning sickness I felt sad alone and needed answers many questions wasn't answered and also nurses could not wait to get me out of that hospital bed quick enough. All the waiting around and being left when your on your hands and knees being sick in the waiting room isn't good enough. I had been sent by my gp I waited around 4 hours to be seen 5 hours before being put on a drip but this wasn't just the first time this happened all 3 times Iv waited over 3 hours. I also got told to leave the ward and wait in a lounge in another part of the hospital for 2 n half hours for medication. I am a patient person but this hospital has really ruffled my feathers and my stays have been most unpleasant. I was never updated whilst waiting or offered refreshments not that I could of had anything due to being sick everytime I ate or drank but this would make you feel more valued. Whilst I laid in bed I over heard 2 nurses talking about the patient that was next to me (they had gone for a scan at the time) saying they're always moaning and being difficult being really negative about them which was most unprofessional. There Was a handful of nurses that were understanding and caring and made my stay much more barable. I asked for a sick note and had to wait over hour after being discharged I'd asked for a sick note 6 hours before being discharged. All 3 times Iv been admitted but they never are prepared for when I arrive. One night stay there was a nurse on their own with 2 more nurses that were agency. This nurse made my stay pleasant and they were basically running the ward single handed but even under pressure still had a nice warming smile. I had 4+ keytones in my urine on one occasion I was still sent home with 2+ keytones I suppose again they needed the bed. I may not of had a operation and be in pain like some of the other lady's . some are maybe uneducated or ignorant of hg sufferers but you feel depressed drained tired alone dehydrated scared for your child. I'd like to see more support in the future for lady's like myself.

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Response from United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for taking time to explain your experience on Branston Ward, I sincerely apologise for the lack of empathy and information you were given.

Management for hyperemesis gravidarum is now primarily on an outpatient basis, so you are assessed, given anti sickness medication, rehydrated with IV fluids, blood and urine samples may be taken and then you may be discharged. As you are seen as a ward attender it is the Doctor on call that you will see. The doctor has to prioritise patients and this can lead to delays in being seen for treatment. We have started to review how improvements can be made to our Ward attender and Emergency Gynaecology services.

I will share your story with the nursing staff at our ward meeting as you to how you felt and the conversation you overheard - that was unprofessional and unacceptable.

You may not have been offered refreshments due to your condition however you should have been updated on a regular basis by nursing staff and your sick note should have been available in a timely manner.

We are very sorry for the failings you have mentioned, please be assured your feedback is valued and will help us to improve our care.


Ellen Ewer

Acting Matron - Gynaecology