"Acceptance of my alcohol problem then recovery"

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(as a staff member posting for a patient/service user),

After many years of heavy drinking I was working last year when I was accused of drinking at work, a meeting with managers arose during which I realised I had a problem. I had to leave work rather than being fired for violent conduct. From then I sat at home wondering what to do about this.

The route was unclear so I decided to seek help from my GP. Making the confession was very hard but she referred me to the alcohol nurse. The alcohol nurse put me on a structured and logged reduction and also referred me to 'The Corner' a mutual aid recovery group of which I was unaware. On attending The Corner I sat in numerous groups and was introduced to a man who became my mentor, he was over a year dry at the time.

After a time I was put on the pre-recovery course which would lead to a detox and the chance of recovery by using the knowledge that I had gained from my groups. At this time I was sticking to the reduction plan but felt that it wasn't going fast enough so I reduced my alcohol by 50%. This had a very severe effect on me for 2 or 3 days so I went back to the scheduled reduction plan and stuck to it.

After reducing to a safe level my case was put to the detox panel and rejected HELP! we went back to the panel 2 weeks later and was accepted but my alcohol nurse suggested I could reduce to abstinence myself but I admitted I doubted that I could sustain sobriety without the sacrifice of the detox. This was set for March GREAT! But shortly before this it was cancelled HELP! FOCUS! I was then rescheduled for a week later than planned GREAT! unfortunately this was overbooked so I was again rescheduled again. At last actual progress in my mind. The date arrived and I was afraid (very) due to this being completely new territory for me.

In the detox centre I was medicated and supervised, met with others with similar problems as myself which we discussed in there.

On completion of the detox I was put onto the abstinence group at The Corner and attended all the sessions. I still attend The Corner and have appointments with my alcohol nurse.

Now I am 8 months dry and on a course to become a 'Champion of Recovery' whereby I may be able to assist others on their journey as I was assisted on mine. Without this assistance I know I would not be in this position now so I will be eternally grateful for everyone involved in my journey but will stress that it is not easy, take determination, focus, discipline and a great deal of effort to overcome the many setbacks and disappointments along the way but it is well worth the effort as my life is far better now than it was before

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