"Very unpleasant experience"

About: St. Margaret's Hospital

I received a 'choose and book' letter and made my appointment as a follow up to an appointment in June where cataracts had been identified in both eyes. I was advised that I would have eye drops and not to drive so my husband took a day off work to accompany me. I saw a doctor who from the outset their manner was brusque and boardered on rudeness. The doctor told me that I had the wrong appointment and questioned why I thought I had cataracts. Neither of the answers to these questions where within my control. The doctor made me feel that I was wasting their time. The doctor tested my sight, very briefly, and then bluntly told me that I should not be driving (devastating to me as I cannot get to work without a car). The doctor did not use drops to examine my eyes and when I queried this was told that the doctor did not need to and quoted the 1000's of people they had seen. I explained that this was the advice I had been given and hence my husband taking a day off from work. The session continued in this vein and ended after a form was pushed towards me requesting a signature. I questioned what I was signing and was told " the operation and that you understand the risks involved." I replied that the doctor had not told me so I was then told that I would go blind without the operation and there is a very small chance of anything going wrong so I might as well have it. I was devastated by the doctor's lack of empathy only made up for with their abundance of arrogance. I thought of all the more elderly patients they had seen before me and how they had been treated. Their closing remarks where to not leave the building without booking an appointment. I attempted to do this (another long story here) but there were none available in the time frame they had advised so it was booked for 18.50 on New Year's Eve!

After some consideration I decided that I wanted nothing to do with this doctor and cancelled the appointment on the Monday and went to my doctor to be referred again. This doctor may be a brilliant clinician but I do not want them anywhere near my eyes thank you. I work in a hospice and my husband works in GOSH. We both have enormous respect for the Doctors and staff in the NHS and this man discredits all the hard work that we see around us.

Story from NHS Choices

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