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I was told on a visit to hospital by a doctor that I would be having a hysterectomy. They did not give me any leaflets as they said their Cramlington hospital had them but they would post all the information to me. The information I received was a post op appointment which i attended they told me the operation was to take place on the 21st september 2015. As the time got closer i had to find the telephone number myself and ringing round to find my appointment was at 7.15am at the general surgery depaertment which i wasnt given information on. That morning i entered hospital and got led to a bed and told my husband couldnt stay with me. I waited then the anthesitic doctor asked me questions made me feel at ease in what was going to happen. 10 minutes later the surgeon came in with another person. The surgeon sat on my bed and said " you havnt signed declaration" i told them i actually had, they didnt shake my hand nor did he acknowlodge me i prewarned them that i was having problems with my back and a year previous had steroid injection and that my lower back was playing up again i kinda laughed a little and said can you please be gentle. They waved their hand up and said its fine. Unfortunatly they didnt tell me which operation they were going to do as they didnt know before they looked at papers that my fibroids were quite big. So i came out of the anesthetic i had a bad reaction to it i was in so much pain and very drowsy they decided to move me to ward 7 overnight were originally was going home. I was given morphine i had the operation at 10am and i still weasnt sure where i was at 7pm visiting hours i was throwing up constantly with bile. I wasnt left with a buzzer i had to shout help for the toilet my gown was open at the back i was naked underrneath a nurse came to me overnight to assist me, they didnt aid me in the bedside loo. when they put me back into bed they didnt pass my oxygen and click for the morphine or the buzzer so i had to shout help again and a litte lady on the ward pressed hers for me for the attention. By the morning after little sleep as they sat me up with my pillows and didnt lay me down till I asked which was early hours i noticed as the less i clicked on the morphine i was getting really bad pains in my lower back. I tried to get myself up and i couldnt i actually couldnt put my toe on the floor i cried with both pain from my hysterctomy and my back. I lay in bed for quite a while late morning the surgeon came to the ward. They didnt acknowledge me, picked up the papers from the bottom of my bed and told the staff nurse " take her off the oxygen and morhine and shes free to go" then they turned to nurse looked up at the board above my bed with their name on and mine and said to nurse " you have my name wrong" They put papers back in bed and walked away. This doctor told me no information at all i didnt even know which procedure they done i only know they didnt do an abdominal.

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Response from North Tyneside General Hospital

Dear Madam,

Firstly, can I offer my unreserved apologies ? There is nothing in the care that you describe that meets our standards for high quality, compassionate care - I am sorry that we have let you down by failing to provide you with the kindness you needed from us.

Please do get in touch so that we can respond approriately and act on the feedback you have given us. My email is annie.laverty@nhct.nhs.uk - I am very grateful that you have taken the time to bring this matter to our attention.

with best wishes, Annie

Annie Laverty- Director of Pateint Experience

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