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About: Southampton NHS Treatment Centre

Whilst I cannot fault the experience of my initial coronectomy operation on a lower wisdom tooth, I am gravely disappointed with the after-care service.

Deep seated gnawing pain arising on day 3 after the operation should have alerted staff to a common complication. I was told that it was up to me whether I was seen by a doctor or not. Being naive I thought I was overreacting to normal post operative pain so made the decision to wait and see if it cleared. This was a poor uniformed decision as I was left in absolute agony over a bank holiday weekend with what I later found was a form of dry socket.

I was seen on the Tuesday and the wound was packed with no real explanation of the complications or further after care advice. I visited the clinic again complaining of throbbing pain. Once more the site was packed and I was sent away with a feeling of unease.

Following this the constant pain had subsided to a manageable level with some regrowth of the gum but an open bleeding wound remaining. I delayed contacting the centre again because of being made to feel like a time waster.

Week 6 after the operation the gnawing pain had started to build again. On contacting the centre was told by a very unempathetic member of staff that I would not be seen again as the discharge policy is 6 weeks.

I write this review in a considerable amount of pain having been referred by my own dentist to a different provider and am back on another waiting list and on even more antibiotics.

I never normally write reviews, however, it would be failing on my part not to warn others of my sadly under whelming experience.

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