"No involvement in decision making"

About: Doncaster Royal Infirmary

I was admitted to AE on Sunday afternoon with my right face weakness and right side weakness of my body. I am an MS sufferer for over 5 years. This time my problem with face left me struggling to eat and I had problems walking as well. My husband could not be with me as he only just had his spine operation and could not drive.

After initial assessment I was left waiting in AE for about 3 hours not knowing what will happen, then I was told I am staying in hospital on the assessment ward. It was about 22.30 pm when the doctor came in to speak to me on the ward only to tell me that I did not need to stay in hospital and I could come in for my infusion treatment everyday for the next 5 days. I had to ring some of my friends to ask them to come and pick me up from hospital as I said my husband was just after his spine operation and could not drive.

Next morning I came to medical assessment ward for my first infusion and during the consultation with a nurse I fainted. I explained to them that I had a lot of problems with eating or even preparing my food , I had no other help as my family lives abroad so it was only me and my husband who needed help himself. That did not change anything , in the afternoon I found out that they will change my infusions to tablets so I do not have to come everyday. I felt that I was treated really unfair, no one offered I could stay in hospital for the next few days when I needed help most. Also I was not happy with their decision to change my infusion to tablets as know from previous experience that tablets are not working for me.

All I can say is that hospitals are full of old people who often are kept in just for observation or until their medication gets sorted, I really and honestly needed to stay in that hospital for few days as I did not have anyone to look after me, I need some support and sadly I felt like my case is not important to anyone just because I am relatively young person.

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