About: St Helier Hospital

they checked blood only 2 during my pregnancy! Even didn't say if i have enough iron or im missing some vitamins! Never tool sample to check if i have candida or no, even tho i was complaining that i have discharge! Didn't check for strep B and suddenly on my last week of pregnancy i received a letter that i have it! They diagnosed diabetes when in the meantime i did glucose test privately and results were negative, but st Heliers still treated me as diabetic and believed in their test result... The worse thing is that gynecologists are not checking! Everywhere in europe and america pregnant ladies are checked and here... Pffff forget it! Midwives are like robots, when i said that im panicking and im scared of giving birth to death they just lought and said that pain is unavoidable and that i can get epidural only 4cm dilated! Which is completely a lie! Women can get epidural at any stage and it is scientific proven!

Story from NHS Choices

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