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(as the patient),

I am 74 years old and over the last 3 months everything seems to be catching up with me. I fell over in the summer and subsequently my shoulder began to hurt and gradually became immobile. When eventually I complained to my GP he sent me for Xray and because of arthritic changes decided to inject steroid into the muscle near the affected joint. This gave only temporary relief and I was then referred for a consultant opinion; I didn't actually get to the consultant's clinic as there was a new ICATS service which I was referred to and the opinion was that physiotherapy was not possible because of immobility. At the next appointment I was given two injections, one of local anaestheticand the other of steroid and remained virtually pain free for along period with instructions to get another referral if it became necessary.

Meanwhile other symptoms were developing and I was referred to the cardiology department where tests were carried out swiftly and the consultant said that I needed a pacemaker to correct the arrythmias which were occurrring. My medication was adjusted to lower my BP so that the procedure could be carried out and all proceeded uneventfully. Subsequently I became very lethargic and felt continually ill and attempts were made by the consultant and my GP to to rebalance the medication. I felt so ill on one Sunday evening that I contacted GRABADOC emergency service who told me to go to A&E and I was seen there within 20 minutes and had comprehensive tests; there was a great deal of reassurance from a wonderful young doctor, who said that she was not sure what was wrong but referred me straight back to my GP and since that time the medication has been changed for the better.

Meanwhile, an appointment has been made for me to revisit the cardiollogist for pacemaker check, a CT scan carried out to see if there has been any cranial damage and an appointment made with a consultant in Adult medicine.

All in all, a satisfactory outcome for the cooperation between GP and hospital. At my appointments I was always seen near to time except on one occasion when an immediate apology was given because of the waiting time.

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