"Absolutely discrasful"

About: Hull Royal Infirmary

My mum recently had a heart attack which turned into her spending 3 weeks in castle hill hospital, shortly after been discharged she was rushed to hull Royal with a pain in her side, they told her she had a slight bleed of a gland that was just above her kidneys which can be caused by the operation she had just under gone. Anyway a long story cut short the staff on ward 1 should be ashamed of their selves! They took her off the blood thinning tablets that she had been told be her surgeon she had to be on every day for the rest of her life to reduce the risk of her having a heart attack again causing her heart to be put under strain she complained that something didn't feel right with her chest to a nurse and to be fair they did get it sorted but that's not the point she should never have been off the tablets inthe first place! While I was visiting her she told a nurse that her chest felt tight again, the nurse replied "you'll be fine the nurse that is looking after you is on their break I'll tell them when they're back". Well to me someone who is only a few days out of hospital after a heart bypass complaining about their chest feeling tight needs at least checking over but no after an hour i then had to find a nurse which wasn't hard as there was 5/6 of them stood having a chat when i asked why nobody had been to check her I was again told the nurse who was looking after her was on their break! I mean are they joking?! Is there not someone who covers people while their on breaks or are patiences left to fend for theirselves?! I think so considering they had time to stand around chatting!

It's absolutely ridiculous and I'm absolutely appalled by the treatment she's recieved! All I can say is thank god for castle hill as I fear my mum wouldn't be here right now if this disgusting hospital had, had anything to do with her operation in the first place! There's no wonder the hospital has such a bad reputation!

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