"Little faith in the practice"

About: West Yorkshire

(as the patient),

I have been a patient at my surgery for over 20 years. These last few years the surgery appears to be going down hill fast. Poor standard of receptionists and so many different doctors who appear to be useless in diagnosis.

I have been diagnosed with Coeliac disease so went to see the doctor and told him my disgnosis, I asked about getting items on prescription ie bread, pasta etc. He said its to do with your stomach I have know idea about the problem and never heard about getting food items on prescription.

The previous Doctor who I saw when I was feeling unwell sent me for Lactose tests, but when I returned after having the tests a couple of weeks before, told me oh there's not test for that at your age. So I asked why did you send me for a blood test then, answer was oh thought I d check your other functions which are fine.

I ve had these symptoms for years itching, diarrhoea, tiredness and aching joints and have been to the doctor but not once did anything click because of so many different doctors who don t seem interested. Only one doctor seems to know how to diagnose and treat patients in my mind.

I also not happy with not being able to book appointment, but have to wait for a call back from the doctor, earlier this year I found a lump in my groin which was 2 inches long, the doctor rung my back and said are you sure its 2 inches long, this went on for a couple of minutes. In the end I said it could be 1. 75 inches because I was getting annoyed by now. I got my appointment and when he examined me he said it is 2 inches long its a hernia. So you will see why myself have little faith in the practise these days.

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