"Neglectful attitude and lack of communication"

About: Royal Gwent Hospital

(as a relative),

My mother, (who has alzheimer's) was admitted to the royal Gwent hospital in August this year. She was dehydrated and barely eating or drinking very weak, she was given a ct scan and a 'mass' was detected in her bowel, I was told a further scan was needed, (to help determine whether the mass was a tumor), I was, in fact, specifically told that taking my mother home could leave her at risk of internal bleeding, (as they said that the medication she was being given for lung congestion, could cause internal bleeding if the mass was cancer), so it was important to diagnose this asap, so she waited for the scan....

She stayed there from august to the end of October!

On some visits, I would find my mother left on a toilet, (my mother can't stand unaided so has to be helped to and from the toilet), where she had been left.

On one occasion (when I had arrived half an hour early, my mother was very distressed because she wanted to go to toilet, I went to ask a nurse for help and when I politely asked " can you please help my mother she is desperately needs the toilet" I was asked very angrily why was I on the ward so early, who told me I could call so early, and that visiting times didn't start for half an hour!' I apologised and said ' I'm sorry I was unaware I won't arrive early again, now can you PLEASE help my mother? ' by the time she came mum mother had soiled herself, it was horrible to see her so distressed.

On a visit in sept I found my mother slumped in the chair next to her bad, she kept complaining about being tired and how sore her bottom was, I tried to help her into bed only to discover that she had soiled herself and the excrement had dried to her skin! Her bottom was red and sore, she must have been like that for hours. I asked the staff for help and they changed and cleaned her, but how much longer would she have been left like that if I hadn't seen it? She was complaining she was sore, but none of the staff had bothered to check her.

In October I visited and found my mothers arm had been bandaged, I asked the staff how it happened. I was told it was an old wound that had reopened, I told them that couldn't be the case as it hadn't been there the day before. NO one could tell me how she had injured herself.

The Lack of communication is mind boggling, for the first month I had to repeatedly explain to the staff that my mother had Alzheimer's. On occasion recently my mother complained that she had pain when trying to urinate, I reported this to the staff, only to be told 'Oh when we asked her she said she was fine' I explained again that she has alzheimer's so unless she is asked whilst it is happening, she forgets! On both these occasions I was told that a doctor would be informed... this didn't happen.

In October I was taken (into the staff lunch/common room) and amidst lunchboxes and coats, I was told that as my mother had refused to drink the prep for the scan due that day, it was pointless her being in hospital, and that she could now have the scan as an outpatient.

I was extremely angry, esp and it was implied by the doctor that I had just left my mother there, "Your mother has been in hospital since August" (I was appalled at the stupidity of the statement), I asked Why I had been told that she may bleed internally (with the current medication she is on), without proper diagnosis, and was told after a meeting they decided that there is 'no significant risk of internal bleeding'". I then asked, "and if she does bleed internally what do I do? " I was told the markers are anemia, lethargy, weakness etc. and to bring her back in immediately if I was worried. I said"my mother barely eats, is always tired and lethargic".

The doctor merely nodded.

So now I am waiting for the hospital to sort out a care package for my mother so she can come home. I don't hold out much hope as I received a call yesterday from the hospital social worker who asked if I was happy if they reinstated a care package they had on their files (It was over 1 year ago! ! ! ! when she was mobile and only needed her lunch made! ). I finally exploded, "No it was not acceptable! I was not happy with that arrangment, mum can barely walk, can't wipe her own bottom properly, soils herself 2 -3 times a day, barely eats or drinks. and yet this information hasn't been passed onto the social worker about a patient who is in the same building! ! ! ! ! !

I teach in a primary school, and have a duty of care to those children, and if I treated any of them the way my mother has been treated I would lose my job.

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