"X-ray Dep. Staff disgraceful behaviour"

About: St Albans City Hospital

on 19-th Of October I was to be admitted to x-ray department. I was already patient of De La Mare Ward, taken to the X-ray dep. on a bed, waiting to have image taken of my newly replaced hip, I was first in the queue, with two more beds behind me waiting.

X-ray staff, decided that either my name is to oriental to be British ( and therefore I have no right to go first before two other English ladies that were queuing behind me), or as they later said: "I'm to young to have my hip replaced", (and therefore I have no right to be in pain?!) prioritised the other patients and made my lie in my bed for 50 min, before I was taken too the x-ray room. When I've asked "what about me, I was first in a queue?", they said without even looking at me that they got confused who should go first. I feel deeply humiliated and extremely disappointed with x-ray staff, who treated me as not important, second class person.

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