"Botolphs Ward Specialist Stroke Unit"

About: Worthing Hospital

My mother was admitted to the stroke unit 2 weeks ago, after suffering a severe stroke. This has left her unable to speak weakness to right side and no bladder or bowel control.

I myself am a nurse at another hospital in Kent.

I have grave concerns that a specialty stroke unit do not have communication cards to enable my mother to communicate with staff. A neccesity on any hospital ward where you have patients with speech problems or learning needs. My hospital has them on every ward but especially a strike ward. I was told speak to speech and language dept. I asked 4 times for the cards. I was told we manage with yes and no nods of mums head. That's fine for staff but how does my mother ask a question or for help. My mother has capacity and can give consent she understands but is just unable to speak. I was very upset and distressed she was being ignored and treated with no respect for her own care. A doctor insisted my mother have a nasal gastric tube inserted several times she pulled it out each time. Why? Because the doctor didn't bother to talk to her and take time to explain why she needed it how important it was she didn't understand he did not ask her consent I asked him why he replied well she can't speak!! Outrageous my 92 year old mother is fully aware of what has happened to her and once I complained the sister sat with mum explained and then allowed her to insert the tube. All it took was respect for my mum and gain her consent. I will be making a formal complaint. The stroke unit was no different to any other ward in the care of my mum not specialist especially when they couldn't find a way for mum mum to be able to communicate wth them. Many stroke patients suffer speech loss or impairment. The staff need to have communication cards on the ward not SALT team using them only when they visit the patient. It is only because I am a nurse I new these things I feel sorry for a normal relative of a patient there. I had inside knowledge they don't . Improve your care of stroke patients learn respect ask consent don't assume as they can't speak so they don't understand. Legal requirement to gain consent and assess patients capacity

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