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(as the patient),

After calling 111 and speaking to my GP for advice regarding a problem with my wrist I had had for a number of weeks I was advised to go to a&e to have it checked to rule out the possibility of there being a small fracture.

Waiting time was very little which was great but the doctor I did see wasn't so great.

After explaining to them the reason for me being there they moved my wrist about a bit and asked if there was any pain when they touched it and when I said no, their whole body language changed; they looked exasperated with me as if I was wasting their time and told me it wouldn't be broken, especially if I couldn't remember doing anything that could possibly break it.

They weren't prepared to X-ray it as per the doctors suggestion to rule any small breaks out. They said even if It had have been broken then it probably would have healed or nearly be healed by now given that it had been hurting for a number of weeks.

It felt as if they were dismissing my pain and said it was probably just tendon pain I was getting and that if I wanted a referral to physio I could have one. They told me to use my hand as normal, insinuating that I hadn't been doing and that I shouldn't be wearing a tubi grip (as recommended by the pharmacist when I had gone to my local pharmacy for advice a few weeks ago after I noticed it had been hurting and getting worse)

Their body language spoke a thousand words and I felt so embarrassed about being there given their reaction, even though it was my GP's recommendation that I get it X-rayed to rule out the possibility of any fractures.


Response from United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Dear Kle,

I am very sorry to hear about your experience in the A&E Department. I would be grateful for the opportunity to speak to you and identify the doctor who saw you and I wonder if you would be prepared to let us know your name so that we can work out who it was?

If you would be kind enough to contact our PALS team on 01522 707071, or by e-mail at pals@ulh.nhs.uk, they can take your details and pass them to me.

Dr D Flynn
Head of Service & Consultant in Emergency Medicine

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