"An 11 month wait"

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(as a relative),

My Mum was in Christie's and was having to stay overnight. In the morning she went to the Bathroom started to feel dizzy, went to grab onto a grabrail but there wasn't one there so went to grab the doorhandle. At this point whilst holding onto the door, it flew open and my Mum fell into the corridor where she lay in agony for 2/3 minutes before being found by a nurse who told her she was lucky (fail to see how) because it was a shift change and she could have been there longer.

They took my Mum to an X-Ray machine in Christie's Hospital where they confirmed it was broken. Instead of taking her at that point to have her arm set, they gave her an appointment for Wythenshawe hospital a week later and, this is where the fun really kicks in.

At her appointment she was given a sling for her arm (couldn't be put in plaster as it was broke midway between shoulder and elbow) and told to come back in a fortnight to see how it was healing. Two weeks later it was discovered not to be healing and so my Mum was given an appointment with a doctor. My Mum attended that appointment and the next 3 and each time the doctor was on Holiday.

After numerous complaints to pals, Wythenshawe hospital, local MP they made an appointment to see the doctor. On arrival the doctor was on Holiday again and so they saw the doctors registrar who explained to my Mum and Dad that my Mother wasn't a priority even though at this point her arm had been broken 9½ months My parents explained that my Mum had incurable Cancer and she would more than likely be having chemo again within weeks, the registrar remained unmoved by my parents pleas and told them he could do nothing and my Mum was on a list. That same week my Mum was informed her blood count was back up and she would have to have chemo again.

It was only then when this doctor at Christie's pretty much gave them a deadline that it was done on the 2nd October 11 months and 1 week after breaking it.

If my Mum had been taken immediately to A&E by Christie's immediately she'd have had it repaired straight away but because they didn't do this my Mum was put on a list and had to wait 11 months to have her arm repaired and her chemo had to be postponed for 3/4 weeks.

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Response from The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Dear Jill99

We are very sorry that your mum and you have had this experience. We would like to try to learn more about the circumstances in which this incident happened so we can ensure that lessons are learnt for the future.

Please get in touch with our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) service on Monday and we will take down all the relevant details. PALS can be contacted by calling 0161 446 8217 or emailing pals@christie.nhs.uk

The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) provides a confidential listening, advice and support service for any patient or member of the public who has problems using our services. Providing on the spot help and advice PALS aims to provide information and/or resolve any concerns as quickly as possible.