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I write this just 24 hours after surgery.

Yesterday morning, I was in a small ward with three other gentlemen. The three nurses who looked after us and prepared us for the operation were attentive, caring, reassuring and friendly, constantly attending to each of us in turn and constantly updating a status board.

Before the op. I was a little apprehensive, but had no need to be. The operation, done under local anaesthetic, went very smoothly and was completely pain free. The sensations of the procedure were a little strange and visually surreal and my main concerns during the op. were more to do with a succesful outcome rather than the procedure itself.

The surgeon and the theatre staff were very supportive and helped me through what was for me, a very a worrying time.

In hindsight, I had no need to be worried and their reassurance, professionalism, care and concern for my wellbeing during and after the op. helped me through it.

I went into the hospital at 07:30 and left at 10:55 with my eye drops and a very thorough briefing and written instructions on how to treat and look after my eye for the coming days.

The rest of that day, my eye was a little sore and very watery, but no worse than getting a bit of grit in the eye, but this morning, I am totally pain free and my vision is near perfect, although I was told that my vision would not be perfect straight away and would improve over the next 72 hours, so I look forward to continued improvement over the coming days.

After a year of very poor visibility in my right eye, my world is now much brighter, and more balanced as a result of the operation. The result has had a much more profound effect, both psychologically and physically, than I could have expected. This is life changing stuff.

I can't thank the people in the NHS enough, from my optician, DRI Opthalmology outpatients department and Montegu Rockingham Ward staff (reception, nursing, surgical and the staff member who made me a cup of tea even as I was being wheeled back to the ward) for making this possible. They are a well coordinated, professional and efficient team.

For any prospective cataract patients who may be worried about this procedure, I have a cataract in my left eye that currently is not affecting my vision, but when it does, I'll have no hesitation in going through this procedure again. I have complete faith in the staff of Montegu Rockingham Day Unit.

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