"Problems with my doctor"

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(as the patient),

Recently, I visited my GP. I have a low back problem for a long time, and in the last 4 month I had to go to the hospital to Emergency. After the second time the doctor told me (I requested an MRI and they suggested as well), next time, its better if I am not going to ER, I should go to GP and the doctor can get me an appointment from hospital for MRI.

I told this to my doctor, and he started to call me liar. He has repeated himself and didnt stop. He said he doesnt understand why I am lying to him, (he said I am not the only one who lie about this), he can't get me an appointment. I told him, it would be easier to me if I could go straight to hospital, why does he think that I wanna go there and ask the appointment from him? ? ? I miss him, or what? ? ?

So conversation went very bad. At the end he stood up and opened the door and asked me to leave. We were kind of speaking loudly to each other, out in the waiting room as well.

This was the first time that it happened, but it wasn't the first time I've felt I haven't been treated properly. Every time was kind of rushed me, sent me out, and for every problem he said that I am stressed.

I will go there soon and ask my family and myself to transfer to another doctor.

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